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Procedures and documents for PhD Programmes regulated by RD99/2011

Document to be provided:

The application for online pre-registration is on the website This is launched by clicking on the "Pre-registration" button located beside the name of the degree you would like to take.

In order to enter the online pre-registration application, you must have a user name and a password. To obtain these, you must click on the UIBdigital Online Log-in.

Once inside the pre-registration application, this will indicate what details and documents must be submitted.

  • ID card, Foreign Resident Identification Number (NIE) or passport..
  • Academic qualifications meeting entry requirements or credential letter of homologation to a Spanish degree (in one of the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese).
  • Transcript of records (in one of the following languages: Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian or Portuguese).
  • CV including the information required by each PhD programme on its website (training experience, languages, etc.)

Former UIB students only have to provide those documents that are not in possession of the UIB or those that have been modified.

Students holding a foreign degree may consult the requirements concerning the legalisation, translation and and presentation of documents in the section "Students with foreign degrees".

Students will not need to upload documents relating to qualifications granted by the UIB.

Registration procedure

According to the Executive Agreement 9864 of 5 July 2011 on the registration of PhD candidates' activities, UIB PhD candidates must register on GREC (the UIB's current research information system, which features a CV management application) PRIOR to registering in any PhD Programme, irrespective of the specific PhD regulations that may apply in the specific case of each PhD candidate.

In this respect, candidates may find themselves in three different situations:

  1. Candidates who are already registered on GREC and its CV management application (Curricul@).

    If candidates are already registered they should present evidence of this when registering in any PhD programme. It will suffice to present a screenshot showing that the candidate is already registered on the GREC CV management application (the screenshot will feature the candidate's name, the date on which GREC registration was applied for and the date on which his/her CV was last updated). This document must be provided to the Doctoral School when the candidate formalises his/her enrolment in the PhD programme for the first time.

  2. Candidates who are already registered on GREC but not on its CV management application (Curricul@).

    In this case, the screenshot to be provided is that of the candidate's letter to the OSR (the UIB's Research Support Office) applying for authorisation to update his/her CV online.

  3. Candidates who have never registered on GREC.

    Candidates who have never registered on GREC are to apply for GREC registration by clicking on the following link:

    The ANNEXES I and II will be presented at the UIB's Doctoral School duly filled in and signed.

Info For further information please check the "General Procedures" section